Can we really call it a holiday?

Here I am..I’m back!

Apart from being very busy at work, the main reason why I haven’t posted anything in a while is that I’ve been on holiday! I’ve been away with the little one a few times since she was born but this time it was a ‘proper’ holiday. In a hotel. On the beach. With a toddler..

This time last year, Frances was 3 months old so we went up to the Alps where my parents have a house [see post here if you fancy]. It was fairly challenging but, in hindsight, it was a breeze compared to this year’s holiday!

We went to Rimini, a busy and bubbly town on the east coast of Italy, pretty much opposite Croatia.


It’s quite a popular holiday destination mainly amongst the young crowds due to its nightlife but it’s also very handy for families with young kids like us as there are long and wide sandy beaches where the little ones can run around and play.

We were lucky as my parents came along otherwise I wouldn’t exactly call it a holiday. I would most likely call it same daily madness running after a 1+ year old but with less clothes on and in the heat

Recently, Frances had developed a weird fear of water..I say ‘weird’ as up until not long ago she absolutely loved bath time and splashing around in general. Then, one day, she just started screaming when I put her in the tub. We overcame that by putting her in the empty bath tub and then running the water with her in it [personally, that would freak me out more]

Given this precedent, I was so worried that she would be scared of the sea, and understandably so. First thing we did when we got there [after a rather challenging flight!] was go to the beach and give it a try..Well, not only did she like dipping her feet into the sea, but she was trying to drag us forward! It was heart warming to watch and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Such a big softy 🙂


First time on the beach









In the next two weeks, we played with sand..


Favourite activity: destroying sand castles!









..we splashed around in the sea..









..and in the hotel swimming pool..









It wasn’t all fun and games though..oh no no no!

First of all, her routine was all over the place. For the first few days there was no routine, really. We tried to keep her nap times the same as back home and we also let her sleep a bit longer in the afternoon [sometimes, she’d sleep over 2 hours..unheard of!]

Her usual 6.30/7pm bedtime was pushed back to 9/9.30pm which was the earliest we could do given that dinner in the hotel was at 7.30pm. Sadly, her waking time in the morning didn’t shift by even 10 minutes so she was up between 5.30 and 6am regardless. I’m sure she did it so that we could see the beautiful sun rise over the sea every morning. How thoughtful!









She point blank refused milk both morning and evening and every meal time it was a battle to get her to eat anything other than crusty bread. Whilst away she cut 3 pre-molars so surely that’s got a lot to do with it.

Did I mention how much fun it was to put suncream on her? Let me show you how fun it was..


Yes, you can see 4 hands in this parents’ hands. One would pin her down to the bed and the other would rub cream as fast a possible, like a ninja!











Those two weeks away also brought a few new things in Frances’ developmental repertoire..Not only did she start saying No no no whilst shaking her little finger in front of her face but she’d also move your hands away with a stern No! if you were in her way.

She also started blowing kisses with her hand and smile on command when having her picture taken [that only happened on a few occasions but it was hilarious!!]. She also started saying bau bau every time she saw a dog as that’s the dog sound in Italian, as opposed to the English woof woof

All in all, it was a good break..break from the usual routine, from the rush in our every day life and from the same old toys back home. It wasn’t a breeze and it wasn’t the holiday I was used to [sunbathing and reading books. End of]. But even if I literally spent about 2 hours in total in the whole holidays lying down in the sun, I got to see my little girl discovering so many new things and that will never tire me out.


I *had to* document the only time I lied down in the sun!




















One thought on “Can we really call it a holiday?

  1. The girl with the red suitcase says:

    Oh dear this is not very encouraging! We shall be going on holiday with the baby in September. We’re off to Sicily ,which is only a 20 minute flight away from us, but we have about an hour and a half bus journey from the airport to the hotel – I’m dreading that. It will just be the three of us with no help at all from my parents, and I have a bad feeling my husband will ban travelling for us, for the foreseeable future, after this trip LOL. Going to the beach has been a nightmare for us too, sand flying around everywhere and in undesirable places like my eyes or Jamie’s mouth, so we’re sticking to pools this summer. Ah life with a toddler!!

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