Healthy but yummy dessert

My husband and I love a good sweet treat at the end of a meal [who doesn’t?!]. It’s a habit that mainly started when we gave up smoking a few years ago and having a little dessert became a replacement for the cigarette. Definitely healthier but our waistline didn’t certainly benefit from it!

However it got a bit out of control lately and, with the added excuse of work-related stress, we just binged on chocolate and cake at any given occasion. Pretty much every night of the week.

This. had. to. stop.

For the past couple of weeks we have just been buying tubs of [fat-free] vanilla yogurt in an attempt to reduce calories whilst still enjoying a sweet treat. We pour it in pretty vintage tea cups and choose different toppings every time, to keep it fun.

It is yummy, healthy [depends on the topping though!] and it doesn’t break the bank!



Here’s one I made earlier…Sugar sprinkles for hubby and chopped hazelnuts for me. Both topped with honey

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