Desk lunch: Bulgur wheat with tenderstem broccoli and feta cheese

After a few months spent exploring all the lunch options around my new office, I have finally gone back to making my own lunches to bring in to work.

I’ve been making quite a few soups  [and baking my own bread which I love] and stews  [pretty sure I’ve already declared my love for the slow-cooker] and then at least one day a week I try to make a nice pasta/rice salad with whatever is left in the fridge really.

This time around I chose bulgur wheat which I was not very familiar with but I had it in the cupboard so I gave it a go. The result was really good and filling and it kept me going until dinner time without the need of a mid-afternoon snack [unheard of!]


Ingredients :
– 1 cup of bulgur wheat
– 1.5 cups of tenderstem broccoli
– 1.5 cups of feta cheese
– 2 tbsp of green pesto
– 2 tbsp of olive oil

Put the bulgur wheat into a bowl and pour boiling water over it until it fully covers it and it’s 1 inch over the wheat. Cover with a lid and leave it on the side for about 20/25 mins.

In the meantime boil some water and put 1/25 tbsp of sea salt into the water. Chop the broccoli in 3-4 cm chunks and boil them for 3 minutes then drain.

When the bulgur wheat is ready, fluff it up with a fork and stir in 2 tbsp of pesto to add a bit more flavour. Then add the drained broccoli and finally crumble the feta cheese into the bowl.

Mix well and add olive oil bit by bit to make sure your salad is nicely [and lightly] coated.


I had this salad cold straight from the office fridge but it would have been equally  yummy if I had heated it up.


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